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S-CUT X-treme

$100.00 "excl GST"

The S-CUT XC-E X-treme is light weight and has a bigger opening to cut rope and thicker leather straps. It also has a changeable blade making is popular with a variety of users. These include people in the horse industry, boating, abseiling as well as prison officers and paramedics.

With multiple/large orders (over 1000) the S-CUT XC-E X-treme can come in your choice of colour and has the ability to have your logo embossed on the handle. Please contact us to arrange a quote at

The S-CUT XC-E X-treme easily cuts through:-

  • Ropes
  • Fishing nets
  • Hunting/Field dressing
  • Horse halter straps
  • Halters – in both leather and nylon
  • Electric fence wire/electric fence strap in electric power off conditions
  • Saddle girths and horse blankets etc

It is important to note that due to the wider opening additional care needs to be taken to ensure you do not accidentally place your fingers in the opening and cause yourself harm.

  * Cutting blade may corrode in wet conditions, must be kept dry. The blade is coated with a thin layer of oil at delivery.
** Contact Us – Volume discounts apply on orders over 30 units.
*** Prices are subject to change due to currency exchange rate fluctuation


Our middle sized light weight S-CUT with changeable blade. It differs from the other S-CUT models as it has a slightly larger cutting area gap and effectively cuts thicker materials.

Ideal cutting tool for a large range of activities from climbing, boating, horse riding, mountaineering, abseiling and hunting.

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