Many rescue services and ambulance companies around the world use S-CUT daily. We know that our users are happy and want to share with us their views:

Gavin Richardson – Paramedic, NSW Australia “I have used internationally branded clothes cutters for years, but none of them compare to the “S-Cut”. I no longer need to carry trauma shears. The “S-Cut” does it all. Bullet-proof when you need it!”

Greger Nilsson, trauma coordinator ER Sahlgrenska / SU The Emergency Department at Sahlgrenska University Hospital has been using S-CUT and we have noted that the time to take off the clothes of motorcyclists with protective clothing can be shortened significantly, sometimes up to five minutes faster than before. For a patient in cotton clothing, it takes a minute or less time to take off the clothes, compared with shears that we used before. When managing fractures it is very convenient when you do not have to touch the patient’s arms or legs to open up clothes. Of all the tools we tried in the emergency room for this purpose, the S-CUT has proven to be the best. If you want to shorten the processing time at the emergency room, I recommend S-CUT.

Sean Carroll, NREMT-P, CCT-P, Chief of Paramedic Services, Littleton Regional Hospital, Littleton, NH A patient was lying in the middle of the road after a motorcycle accident. When I arrived, EMS was on the scene fighting with the old standard trusty “trauma shears” to remove the patient’s thick and heavy sweatshirt. I retrieved the S-CUT and in a total of three smooth sweeping motions, I opened the front of the sweatshirt as well as the sleeves. In a matter of seconds I had the patient’s body exposed from the waist up. He wore heavy jeans that are always hard on the fingers with the trauma shears, however the jeans were removed with the S-CUT. This has to be the absolute best cutting device I have ever used in my 20 years as an EMS provider!

Insights on Innovation by Dan White The S-Cut Swedish Cutter is a premium grade European-engineered cutting instrument with an innovative circular blade. It just cuts and cuts, with a safe and secure recessed blade that can make short work of even the heaviest fabrics. The rotating numbered dial allows you to rotate the moonrise to a fresh cutting edge with a twist of the dial. A rotary blade can be used many times more than any straightedge blade. When you are finally done with the circular blade, you can easily replace it with a fresh one. It is a high-performance, rugged hand tool with serious cutting power.

Monica Bergkvist Andersson, Head of the Central Hospital emergency department Karlstad We at the Emergency Room in Karlstad through various projects from the beginning contributed to the development of the S-CUT and participated in the practical tests. The result meets our high expectations and S-CUT is now used in daily operations.

Jim Hutch, Urban Search and Rescue Technician, Hampshire Fire and Rescue extrication and Trauma Team S-CUT has no limits- it is a quality emergency cutting tool that cuts through any item of clothing.

Lars Gustafsson, firefighter rescue service at Karlstad region S-CUT is used by us in the Emergency Services Karlstad region as a safe, fast and effective tool. Its design provides safe operation in stressful situations for both the users and the victim.